XML Sitemaps for Blogspot

How do XML sitemaps work? 

XML Sitemaps for Blogspot

A website's essential pages are listed in an XML sitemap file so that Google can easily identify and crawl them all. Additionally, it aids in the structure-understanding of search engines. You want Google to index all of your website's key pages.

Because Google ranks web PAGES, not just websites, XML Sitemaps are crucial for SEO because they make it simpler for Google to identify the pages on your site. We strongly advise having an XML Sitemap because it has no drawbacks and can help your SEO.

How Do HTML Sitemaps Work? HTML sitemaps are purportedly useful for website visitors. The sitemaps are like a well-organized table of contents since they list every page on the website, from the home page to the sub-pages. A website's pages are listed in a clickable list called an HTML sitemap.

Where is the URL for my sitemap?

Typically, your domain's sitemap.xml file can be found in the root directory (for example, at https://www.websitedomain.com/sitemap.xml). The file can reside anywhere on the domain of the website that is open to the public and have any name the webmaster chooses for it.

The sitemap file should be placed in the domain's root folder as a best practice. However, it can be stored anywhere, even on a different domain! Although having a sitemap is not required, it does speed up the process by which search engines identify and index new websites and updated content.

XML Sitemaps for Blogspot

The most crucial pages on a website are listed in a sitemap, ensuring that search engines can find and scan them. Sitemaps also aid in understanding the layout of your website, making it simpler to explore. You would want every page of your website to be indexed by Google and other search engines, right?

Do you need to submit a sitemap to Google Search Console? You should, but you don't have to submit a sitemap to Google. Google's bots will crawl your website eventually; submitting a sitemap just speeds the process along. Before you submit, ensure that your sitemap reflects what's currently on your website.

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